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About ShG-Partners

ShG-Partners was established in 2006 in Tetovo, N. Macedonia to estimate, execute, revise and oversee projects in the architecture and civil engineering sector
The strategic goal of the company is to create unique work that is in harmony with the environment and simultaneously represents its users and meets their demands in the best way possible. We do this by fully engaging with the customer through the entire lifecycle of the project, by applying proper engineering and by avoiding commonly overused go-to templates that bring no creativity and uniqueness

Architecture is where building starts. We leave nothing to chance.

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Who Are We

ShG-Partnerns is an architectural design and consulting firm offering professional services to building owners, homeowners, civic groups, and municipalities who seek our expertise in historic preservation, community and recreational, single- and multi-family residential, commercial, education, industrial, hospitality, and sustainable building design as well as consulting for new construction, extension, and remodeling projects

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The attention we pay throughout the entire process leads to successfully executed projects with class-leading, documented quality. Our completed local and regional projects are a testament to our dedication

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